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Embedded Wallets

Welcome to the Embedded Wallets documentation!

Embedded Wallets let you simply, quickly, and securely deliver onchain powered experiences to your users, in the familiar and intuitive ways they expect from web2 products.


Benefits of Embedded Wallets for developers and users include:

  • Full control of your UI – You’re fully in control of what your users see and how they interact onchain. You can completely abstract away all aspects of being onchain, or expose addresses, balances and transaction details in your app.

  • No wallet onboarding – Our SDK provides APIs to create, backup and use EVM-compatible wallets, without surfacing any wallet onboarding UIs to your users.

  • Integrate in minutes – We want you focusing on your product, not wrangling with the complexity of web3 or key management. Our SDK allows you to get up and running with a few lines of code, and can be easily integrated with popular web3 development frameworks like viem.

  • Secure by default – Our distributed MPC key management model provides protections from common causes of loss of funds. From issues like users forgetting seed phrases, to supply chain attacks on popular frontend libraries, we have you covered.

  • Always exportable – Our SDK lets users export their wallets from your application if and when they want, enabling them to use their assets anywhere onchain.

Ready to dive in? Check out the Quick Start guide.

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