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Introduction to Coinbase Onramp

Coinbase Onramp is a set of APIs, an SDK, and a UI widget that developers can integrate in their wallet or dapp. Onramp lets your users add funds to their wallet by signing-in to their Coinbase account and using their existing crypto balances or saved payment methods.

These docs describe how developers can integrate the Coinbase Onramp APIs to generate a URL and trigger the Coinbase Onramp experience for their users.

Coinbase Onramp Launches​

The flow starts when Coinbase Onramp launches within your dapp, for example:

Coinbase Onramp launching in a dapp frontend.

User Authenticates​

Once Coinbase Onramp launches, the user:

  1. Enters their Coinbase credentials.
  2. Goes through the 2FA process.
  3. Authorizes dapp to take actions on their behalf.
Enter Credentials
Begin authentication by entering your credentials (email and password).

User Adds Funds​

After being authenticated, the user:

  1. Selects the asset to add to the wallet (if not automatically assigned in a previous step).
  2. Enters an amount and chooses a payment method.
  3. Confirms the payment method in the "Source of funds" window.
Fund Wallet

All supported payment methods from fiat on-ramps to crypto balance are in the 'Pay with' section.

User Confirms the Transaction​

Finally, when the transaction is configured, the user:

  1. Reviews the details of the transaction.
  2. Is informed that Coinbase is purchasing the funds (for Buy orders).
  3. Goes through 2FA to authorize the send to the wallet address.
  4. Views a confirmation of the transaction.
  5. Views a detailed breakdown of the transaction.
Make Transaction
Review your transaction.

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