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Aptos Delegation Guide

Aptos is a Layer 1 proof of stake blockchain designed for scalability and rapid evolution. It achieves extremely high throughput and low latency by using a batched, pipelined, and parallelized approach to transaction processing. This allows it to efficiently leverage every hardware resource available to it.

As an APT holder, you can delegate your tokens to a delegation pool. As a proof-of-stake network, tokens are staked to validators in order to secure the network.

When you delegate stake on Aptos, you maintain ownership and control of your APT tokens, and also earn APT rewards on the staked amount. The rewards earned are automatically restaked, auto-compounding your rewards.

Protocol ParameterValue
Minimum to stake11 APT
Warm-up periodStarts on the following epoch
Unbonding periodUnstake at any time but funds are not available until next validator unlock date1
Service fee8% of rewards2
Unbonding period

1The validator unlock period is 30 days and starts when the delegation pool is initiated. You can withdraw tokens after you unstake and the unlock date has passed. For example, if you unstake 28 days into the 30 day cycle, you have to wait 2 days before you can withdraw; if you unstake 2 days into the 30 day cycle, you have to wait 28 days.

Service fee

2Coinbase may change its service fee during the lifetime of this validator (e.g., increasing fees as total delegation increases to ensure we are never running an outsized portion of the network on our node).


Staking Pool Address: 0x9c721c79ee082aafcdd99b1a71a833accdc48dba1a9a1bc5b5f8cc47ff7d49c0
Operator Address: 09d33b10e580ececbb3556b3ac609d058c5a574bcd0d7e9d6b76b5a1f412a249

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