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dYdX Delegation Guide

dYdX is a decentralized exchange for trading perpetual futures. It runs on the dYdX Chain (or dYdX v4), which is based on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus protocol. dYdX Chain is standalone, open-sourced, and fully decentralized.

Path to Full Decentralization

Read about dYdX's shift from being an Ethereum L2 with an ethDYDX token, to a Cosmos/Tendermint blockchain with a native DYDX coin (also referred to as cosmosDYDX).

Protocol ParameterValue
Minimum delegation    > 0 dYdX
Unbonding period30 days
Commission fee10%

Validator Name: Coinbase
Validator Address : dydxvaloper1v67nld0mc6ll2y66cttls2qpuwnx5704yu43l9


Coinbase may change its commission fee during the lifetime of this validator to ensure we are never running an outsized portion of the network on our node.

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