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EigenLayer Delegation Guide

EigenLayer is a new protocol that proposes to leverage the robust security of the Ethereum network to secure a broader range of decentralized applications, foster permissionless innovation, and make it easier for developers to build blockchain infrastructure. It introduces ETH restaking which enhances the security of new decentralized projects built atop of EigenLayer.

EigenLayer allows ETH stakers to delegate their staked assets, including native ETH or LSTs, to secure additional protocols and applications.

Coinbase is now an Eigenlayer Operator that facilitates the delegation of staked ETH or LSTs to Actively Validated Services (AVSs) through the EigenLayer app to earn additional rewards from chosen AVSs.

Protocol ParameterValue
Liquid Staking Token MinimumNo minimum (deposits currently paused)
Native Restaking Minimum32 ETH
Undelegating PeriodExit queue + 7 days
Redelegating Period7 days
Service FeeComing soon once enabled by EigenLayer

Operator Name: Coinbase
Operator Profile URL:
Forum Post: Link
Supported AVSs: EigenDA

Important Notes

During the lifetime of this Operator Coinbase will add support for Actively Validated Services (AVSs) that pass our rigorous selection process.

You can only delegate to one Operator at a time and are required to restake 100% of your staked available assets to an Operator before they can be delegated to receive additional rewards from the supported AVSs. Restaking your staked assets to secure AVSs remain subject to certain risks including slashing penalties.

As of the date of publication of this Delegation Guide on April 9, AVS rewards and slashing penalties have not yet been enabled by Eigenlayer.

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