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Osmosis Delegation Guide

Osmosis is a proof of stake blockchain with a decentralized exchange application enabling users to create liquidity and trade IBC-enabled tokens.

You can learn more about Osmosis in our protocol overview. Superfluid Staking is a groundbreaking innovation that allows liquidity providers on Osmosis to simultaneously participate in liquidity pools and also stake their LP tokens to validators on the blockchain. You can learn more about Superfluid Staking in our overview here. You can follow the steps to Superfluid Stake with Coinbase in our guide.

Protocol ParameterValue
Minimum tokens to stake1 OSMO
Reward payout1 epoch, ~24 hours
Unbonding period14 days, no rewards earned during this time
Coinbase commission fee10% of rewards
Maximum Coinbase commission fee100%
Maximum Coinbase commission fee change20%

Validator name: Coinbase
Validator address: osmovaloper1q4mlwtw3ncve72na65xacck557wcknc8j0lmke

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