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Sui Delegation Guide

Coinbase is live on Sui

Delegation for SUI is live on our Coinbase community validator.

Sui is a permissionless layer 1 blockchain designed to be both developer and user-friendly. It can support a wide range of application development with unrivaled speed at low cost.

In exchange for operating and securing the network, the validator receives staking rewards in the form of SUI tokens. The rewards are distributed to all token holders who delegated to that validator’s stake, minus a small commission fee paid to the manager of the validator.

Protocol ParameterValue
Minimum tokens to stake1 SUI
Warm up periodStarts on the following epoch
Unbonding periodNone
Service fee10% of rewards

Validator Name: Coinbase

Validator Address: 0x0350925241ae8d4083fe4b1104e14dd28d2ffeced9d7575551c50c41b99995fb

Validator Pool ID: 0x881e3ce159e539c9846fbdc8ba0b9ae3f4067aa77f3dcd3b46650907364c4f06


Coinbase may change our commission fee during the lifetime of this validator to ensure we are never running an outsized portion of the network on our node.

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