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Staking with Coinbase

Welcome to staking on Coinbase's trusted and reliable validators. We provide best-in-class staking infrastructure for security-minded developers. We serve a wide variety of clients looking to implement staking solutions for their users:

  • Asset aggregators such as exchanges, custodians, banks, fintechs, and ETFs
  • Non-custodial platforms such as dapps, wallets, and LST providers
  • Protocol teams

Ready to start building on one of our 15+ supported networks? Get started with our documentation to:

  • Stake safely and securely on enterprise-grade validators
  • Delegate from your preferred wallet or custody solution

See Delegating Digital Assets 101 to learn more about staking your tokens to a public validator.

Enterprise-Grade Staking Infrastructure

As a true enterprise-grade solution, we combine technical expertise on blockchain security with our performance track record and standing as a public company to bring developers tried and true staking infrastructure:

  • We prioritize security of client assets and the underlying blockchains they support above all else. This approach has led us to design staking infrastructure that aims to minimize the risk of double signing. To date, we have no instances of double signing
  • We are proud to provide a 99% uptime guarantee, helping you to ensure that your end users are always earning rewards on their staked assets
  • As the only public company in the space, we provide an unparalleled level of transparency with access to company financials and audits. Rest assured in our thoughtful and measured approach to building and operating staking infrastructure

Join us in building the crypto ecosystem, making economic freedom a reality through innovative and accessible products.

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